The Latest Trends In Funeral Services Have A Unique Feel

Funerals are always a difficult time for friends and family members of loved ones who have passed away. While traditional funerals are still the most popular means of saying goodbye, more unique funerals have come to the forefront in recent years. There are even new ways to comfort those who are overcome with grief during the service. These are some of the latest trends in funeral services that are available.

Water Cremation

If your wish is to be cremated, traditional flame-based cremation is still the most popular option, but it is no longer the only one. There are many people who would like a more environmentally friendly option and the newer water-based cremation service provides just that. In water-based cremation, the body is placed into an alkaline solution inside a pressurized chamber. The softer tissues of the body washes away, leaving only bone fragments that the family can have the body interred or buried.

Digital Headstones

A very new trend and incredibly technology forward are digital headstones. This new trend sees a microchip embedded into the person's headstone that contains a memorial of pictures, sound bites or video of their life. This interactive headstone is accessible by anyone with a smartphone and a way to personalize and customize how their headstone can look. The company that offers this service provides a website where an obituary, memory wall, photos and even family history can be placed. This can be done for either a new or existing headstone.

Biodegradable Casket or Urn

You might want to have a traditional funeral and burial but you might want to be more environmentally friendly in your choice of urn or casket. In recent years, biodegradable caskets and urns are now available in which over time, the materials will break down and even fertilize the surrounding soil. Many of those who opt for the biodegradable casket or urn feel they are leaving a smaller footprint by going this route.

Therapy Dogs

It is widely known that therapy dogs brought to nursing homes and hospitals help patients feel better simply by being able to pet them and have them around. During a funeral, therapy dogs are now being used to help mourners who are overcome with emotion during the service and are in need of some comfort that only these friendly animals can give. You will need to contact the funeral home you are considering to see if this is a service they offer, or perhaps if they will allow an organization to bring therapy dogs to the service should you request it.

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